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Mary, Queen of Scots, and the Murder of Lord Darnley BONUS This Edition Contains An Excerpt From Alison Weir S Mary BoleynHandsome, Accomplished, And Charming, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, Staked His Claim To The English Throne By Marrying Mary Stuart, Who Herself Claimed To Be The Queen Of England It Was Not Long Before Mary Discovered That Her New Husband Was Interested Only In Securing Sovereign Power For Himself Then, On February An Explosion At His Lodgings Left Darnley Dead The Intrigue Thickened After It Was Discovered That He Had Apparently Been Suffocated Before The Blast After An Exhaustive Reevaluation Of The Source Material, Alison Weir Has Come Up With A Solution To This Enduring Mystery Employing Her Gift For Vivid Characterization And Gripping Storytelling, Weir Has Written One Of Her Most Engaging Excursions Yet Into Britain S Bloodstained, Power Obsessed Past

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    En Ma Fingit Mon CommencementIn my end is my BeginningMary had this saying embroidered on her cloth of estate while in prison in England Mary was 6 days old when her father died and she was crowned Queen of the Scots At age 15 she married Francis, dauphin of France, and he ascended the throne a year lat

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    Had I known the degree of excruciating research that must have stood at the base of this book and the arduous account it produced, I don t think I would have purchased this book.But chance guides ones life, including that delicious part of it our books and our reading I used to live in a place where bookstores ra

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    This book is essentially an exploration and whodunnit of the murder of Mary, Queen of Scot s second husband, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, rather than a biography of Mary herself.Mary was certainly an interesting and tragic figure.The book itself is essentially a very interesting expose, and Weir certainly has researched her

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    Alison Weir thoroughly presents and critiques what is known about this complex and murky affair Most of the book is readable, some of it is a page turner, and on some technical parts who was at a meeting legal precedents translation issues it can be a slog Written in 2003, I believe it remains the definitive work on Lord Darnley s m

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    Alison Weir surpassed herself penning this tome, the first in my opinion to rival Antonia Fraser s 1969 Mary Queen of Scots Via Mary Stuart runs the continuous line of succession, from Plantagenets Tudors, down to England s current royals.Mary has always polarised debate, first when alive and then, through the centuries, from the grave Regard

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    This book is partly a biography of Mary Queen of Scots, and partly an indepth examination of the source material surrounding the explosive murder of her second husband, Lord Darnley, with some conclusions over who was involved.I have been slowly ploughing through this over long book Although the title focusses on the murder of Lord Darnley, the early c

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    I have encountered yet another historical work that bears accurately the maxim that truth is indeed stranger than fiction I m sure that the master of Scottish historical fiction, Sir Walter Scott would struggle to concoct adastardly series of plots that Alison Weir sets to untangle in her 2003 publication, Mary, Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley In f

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    Normally, I love Alison Weir s books The reader can always count on extensive research and astute reasoning, but this one was a slog We re talking about one of the most perplexing historical figures of all time in Mary, Queen of Scots and yet, it just dragged on And on and on.She was the bosom serpent The 16th Century Princess Diana of her day Emotional, needy, irrational

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    Like a couple of other readers, I could not finish this book I retreated at the half way mark It is without doubt a well researched book, but I had a lot of trouble keeping up with the Scottish nobles, getting confused about the Huntley s, Hamilton s, Maitland s, Melville s, Moray s, and then they were all related by marriage at some point it seemed I think that personally, I might

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    I ve been re reading this over the last month.Weir does a good analysis of the whole murder of Darnley, and while she believes Mary to be innocent, she doesn t show the Scots Queen as truly a white sheep The last 100 hunderd pages, however, are a little slow.

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