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Foundling Meet Rossamnd A Foundling, A Boy With A Girl S Name Who Is About To Begin A Dangerous Life In The Service Of The Emperor Of The Half Continent What Starts As A Simple Journey Becomes A Dangerous And Complicated Set Of Battles And Decisions Humans, Monsters, Unearthly Creatures Who Among These Can Rossamnd Trust D M Cornish Has Created An Entirely Original World, Grounded In His Own Deft, Classically Influenced Illustrations Foundling Is A Magic Laced, Dickensian Adventure That Will Transport The Reader

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    By this point I think the nation s readers of children s fantasy novels have hit a kind of boredom plateau You get a new fantasy on your desk and you have to tick off the requirements Alternate world Orphaned hero or heroine School for the extraordinary To a c

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    This was such a great, different read It is what YA should be thrilling, engaging and with mind blowing world building It is also a dense read It sometimes felt like a Tolkien book there are 100 pages of Appendix at the end and I loved every world of it several maps.I w

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    Reviewed by K Osborn Sullivan for TeensReadToo.comMONSTER BLOOD TATTOO is an unusual book Even before I delved into it, I was struck by some of the ways that it s different from other young adult fantasy novels For one thing,than a quarter of the book is taken up with an extensiv

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    This is what young adult fiction should be, by all rights The vocabulary was rich and liberally sprinkled with neologisms that tickled my etymologist s fancy, and the writing was lucid and flowing, keeping me involved with ease.I was particularly enchanted by the world details that slipped

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    Found this one at the library and picked it up for a listen I found it quite good The worldbuilding was thorough, including a lexicon of terms especially adapted to the storyline It s not quite steampunk no steam tech , but that s probably as close a designation as I can use There is some advanced t

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    ..yeah, I gave it 5 stars, huh Sort of surprised me to.I didn t go into this expecting a 5 star read For a while I was even very annoyed with the main characterRossam nd Bookchild, the boy with the girl s name I don t want to spoil the book for anyone especially as I think it s an excellent read, really a gre

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    Before I delve in to this review I admit to being a tad bias Monster Blood Tattoo has since become one of my favourite series of all time The rating of this book also depends on the inclinations of the reader if you are not a fantasy book fan or have trouble immersing in imaginary worlds, you will not like this book __

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    This is a re read, as I ve been reading the series aloud to my youngest son, who adores all things large, scary and monstrous The story meanders around a bit at first rather like its boy hero, in fact , and the prose can be unnecessarily florid and at times nearly opaque in its lavish use of invented vocabulary But I ve said, an

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    Tolkien loved inventing languages, and designed Middle Earth, and wrote Lord of the Rings to have someplace to put those languages.DM Cornish is an illustrator, and has been drawing characters, creatures and maps for years, and wrote this book to have someplace to put them.The world, called the Half Continent is GINORMOUS The map is rough

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    I m not really sure waht to say about this book It wasn t bad, really, but it wasn t very good, either I think some of the ideas and people were interesting enough that it could ve been better even though there were some times where I was rolling my eyes because the conveniences and stupidity at times sort of strained credulity.One of the things I

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