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A Provision for Love (Entangled Inheritance #1) A Provision for Love Entangled Inheritance Book 1 by Heather Chapman is a well written Regency Romance The ENTANGLED INHERITANCE series, is a set of stand alone regency romance novels Written by these incredible authors A Provision for Love by Heather ChapmanHis Unexpected Heiress by Sally BrittonThe Rivals of Rosennor Hall by Rebecca Connolly August An Unwelcome Suitor by Ashtyn Newbold September A PROVISION FOR LOVE is steady paced, well crafted with charming, likable and realistic characters Meet and follow, Ivy Linfield and Henry Barrington, on their journey of grief, keeping an inheritance, romance, finding love and finding a HEA Get swept away into a great story, one were the reader will find the characters in their head and their hearts Ms Chapman brings this Love, the mystery that it was, knocked against my chest I would have to answer to it, for I could not bear the hollowness I just that quote Excellent wording Heather Chapman This is a delightful proper regency romance It read like a romantic comedy in my head It is about an inheritance that comes with a list of a particular type that begs the question of how one defines affection and if it can be listed and defined by person I liked all the characters and their personalities They each brought something extra to the overall story In particular I loved Lady Barrington, Ivy s grandmother, for her disposition and wit The snarky grandmother or aunt is always a fun addition to any story My only complaint would be a lack of description in tone or expressions in the dialogue There were some moments where I needed to puzzle out their reactions and words to discover the overall tone But that is minor and no detriment to the boo Adorable This book was so adorably sweet and cute I loved Henry He was so charming, and the dialogue between Henry and Ivy was quite entertaining The letter of provisions was priceless It has been a while since a book has provided this much amusement I read this on KindleUnlimited Loved this story I loved reading it from only Ivy s point of view I felt the anguish over her choice of suitor and her thoughts on if her affections were returned in someone she thought as a friend This is one of my favorite Regency storie Heather Chapman has written a sweet, cute, and funny Regency romance story in A Provision for Love In this story, readers will come to know and love the main characters, Ivy and Henry and how their lives intermingle Readers will especially enjoy the continual banter taking place between Ivy and Henry, as it is a charming addition to this already delightful story Although the story starts a little slow, the pace picks up as the novel continues and is an enchanting read This story is a quick light read that will leave readers laughing and sighing at the swoon worthy romance.Series Entangled InheritanceGenre historical, regency, romancePublisher Indie Publication date June 7, 2019Number of pages 217A copy of this book was purchased for review A review was not required and all vi I really, really liked this story It is about Miss Ivy Linfield s quest to own her loving grandfather s home Bridgestone She must marry by the end of the season to do so Otherwise the property will be inherited by Percival s heir his grandnephew Henry Thorne Henry loved Bridgestone just as much as Ivy did From the very beginning Ivy put Henry in the competitor s box and treated him that way She was determined to win no matter what However, a peculiar set of rule or guidelines were established in Percival s will that the gentleman she married must rise to and Henry was to be the judge of its adherence What a story It is whimsical, fun and delightfully entertaining The author swept from one scene to another without dallying or providing filler I found that style most refreshing and it made the story move smoothly and quickly along For the most part I enjoyed the characters Ivy s Grandmother was a force to be reckoned with, Henry was manly with a pure and loving sou I would like to say it s predicable which isn t bad in a regency romance , you know within the first chapter who the girl is going to end up with BUT I liked the twist of inheritance and list of attributes It was fun to see and compare the characters to each requirement and see the love and truth of the list grow I enjoyed the love hate relationship between Ivy and Henry acquaintances, competitors, friends, judges, lovers The love triangle, though with a predictable outcome, was intense in anticipation and emotion I enjoyed Ivy s personality and seeing a different side to a regency heroine She knew what society and etiquette required but still had her moments of freedom and self as she ran in the garden and hid under tables This freedom of spirit also made the idea of the book, her going against society norms to battle for a property that she as a female would never inherit, to be realistic I also like that she figured out her own emotions and love and did not h A Provision For Love Entangled Inheritance 1 Free Author Heather Chapman Petrasrobert.eu The Only Place Ivy Linfield Feels Truly Uninhibited Is Within The Walls And Gardens Of Bridgestone There, She Is Free Of Society S Expectations And Her Worries Of The Future With The Death Of Lord Percival Barrington, The Only Grandfather Figure She S Ever Known, Ivy Is Torn Between The Grief Of Losing Him And Her Beloved Summer Home Losing Bridgestone, Even To One As Worthy And Handsome As Percival S Great Nephew Henry, Seems Cruel And Unfair So When Ivy Learns Of A Provision In The Will, She Is Than Willing To Go To Great Lengths To Secure The Inheritance For Herself The Only Catch Ivy Must Marry A Man That Fits A List Of Requirements Before The Season Ends She Quickly Learns, However, That Love Has Its Own Set Of Rules Rules That Are Not So Easily Defined Nor Understood What If Her Opponent Is Actually The Man She S Been Searching For Can Ivy Secure A Match Before Her Time Runs Out, Or Will Surrendering Her Heart Mean Losing All That Was Intended For Her An enjoyable funny story about imperfect love The first part of the book was kind of slow to me and it didn t keep my attention very well But I was determined to finish the book because I really loved the previous book by this author Wow, once this book got going I couldn t put it down Just wow, it was a fun read The crazy list of requirements for Ivy to meet in her future husband if she wanted to inherit was so well thought of Imagine my surprise when at the end of the book in the authors s notes, this was based off an actual list someone had from a long time ago Hands down my favorite scene was the infamous table scene at Almanacks It was so ridiculous that I was giggling like a ninny and made my husband want to know what I was reading Although Henry s love letter in the lover letter contest

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Being the youngest of four sisters and one very tolerant older brother , Heather grew up on a steady diet of chocolate, Anne of Green Gables, Audrey Hepburn, Jane Austen, and the other staples of female moviedom These stories inspired Heather to begin writing at an early age After meeting and marrying her husband Mark, Heather graduated magna cum laude from Brigham Young University and finally

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