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Someone We Know No One Does Suburban Paranoia Like Shari Lapena This Slowly Unfurling Nightmare Will Have You Biting Your Nails Until The End Ruth Ware, 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Woman In Cabin 10The New Domestic Suspense Novel From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Couple Next Door, A Stranger In The House, And An Unwanted Guest, Shari LapenaMaybe You Don T Know Your Neighbors As Well As You Thought You Did This Is A Very Difficult Letter To Write I Hope You Will Not Hate Us Too Much My Son Broke Into Your Home Recently While You Were Out In A Quiet, Leafy Suburb In Upstate New York, A Teenager Has Been Sneaking Into Houses And Into The Owners Computers As Well Learning Their Secrets, And Maybe Sharing Some Of Them, Too.Who Is He, And What Might He Have Uncovered After Two Anonymous Letters Are Received, Whispers Start To Circulate, And Suspicion Mounts And When A Woman Down The Street Is Found Murdered, The Tension Reaches The Breaking Point Who Killed Her Who Knows Than They Re Telling And How Far Will All These Very Nice People Go To Protect Their Own Secrets In This Neighborhood, It S Not Just The Husbands And Wives Who Play Games Here, Everyone In The Family Has Something To Hide You Never Really Know What People Are Capable Of.

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    I don t feel like I have a lot to say about this one, other than I really enjoyed it, and I think fans of thrillers that feature in depth character study and traditional, reliable mysteries will too It s refreshing to be able to stumble across suspense novels today that are than the sum of their twists, and while Someone We Know definitely keeps yo

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    This is a very difficult letter to write I hope you will not hate us too much My son broke into your home recently while you were out A teenage boy who breaks into his neighbors homes to look around and hack into their computers A woman down the street reported missing by her husband is later found dead.Who is the young hacker and who killed the woman I fo

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    What a neighbourhood Seemingly quiet and middle class on the surface but behind closed doors, there are affairs, secrets, a teenage boy breaking into their houses and a missing woman later found murdered Lapena keeps us guessing as the murder suspects pile up and the police keep changing their focus Some of the characters are not very likeable and some seem pleasant enough

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    4.5 rounded up to 5Raleigh Sharpe has been breaking into his neighbours homes He doesn t steal anything He just wants to see if he can hack into their computers His mother, Olivia finds out about the break ins and leaves anonymous notes to let the home owners know what her son has been up to But one of of her sons victims I d dead As the news of Amanda Pierce s death spreads, the li

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    Shari Lapena is one of those authors that should be on everyone s reading lists Her writing is always dripping with suspense, and she always knows how to captivate an audience Sadly, I ve only read her last release, An Unwanted Guest, but that was a fun adventure When I was given the opportunity to read Lapena s upcoming novel, Someone We Know I just jumped out of my chair at t

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    Someone We Know by Shari Lapena is a thriller with many twists and turns.Robert reports his wife Amanda missing The police find her body and start an investigation into how she died.Everywhere the police turn there is another suspect and the investigation turns husbands against wives and friends against each other It seems like everyone has something to hide Unfortunately for them someone knows their

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    The book opens with a woman being bludgeoned to death by a hammer Who is she Who is swinging the hammer Robert Pierce has just entered the police station to report his wife, Amanda, as missing What would a normal husband say Robert clears his throat Olivia Sharpe s teenage son, Raleigh is breaking into the neighbor s houses at night and hacking into their computers He may have even sent some emails from one,

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    I ve been a little burned out of domestic suspense novels lately, but knew I wanted to read Shari Lapena s newest book, Someone We Know, and I m so glad I did The novel follows several characters in a neighborhood where a murder took place, including the mother of a teenage boy who has been breaking into people s houses The book is told through several POVs, and while it was difficult to keep all of the characters str

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    Olivia Sharpe has just discovered her teenage son Raleigh has been breaking in to neighbors homes He says he has never taken anything, he only breaks in to hack computers when no one is home.At the same time, news is breaking that their neighbor, Amanda Pierce who everyone believes left her husband even though he filed a missing persons report , has been found in the trunk of her car, which was submerged in the nearby lake Coi

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    I ve been a fan of this authors for a while now so was delighted to see she had another book coming out The one thing I am always guaranteed with her books is that from picking it up, I know I won t want to put it down anytime soon This one was no exception.The story is mainly set in the neighbourhood of where Amanda, the missing woman, lived It does flick between different characters but the main one seemed to be Olivia Olivia is just

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