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The Family Upstairs Imagine inheriting an eight bedroom property in London s SW3 in the heart of Chelsea it s an area of multi million pound homes well let s face it, you d be over the moon to say the least This wonderful inheritance is Libby Jones 25th birthday present, but the house or mansion to be precise is pretty dilapidated, and it has a very sinister past too.Told from the points of view of Libby, Lucy, and Henry, in both the past and present, this compelling family drama begins with the previous owners of the house The Lamb s are a wealthy couple with two children, Henry and Lucy After allowing a charismatic stranger named David and his family to move into their home, their lives will be turned completely upside down, because David isn t nearly as charming as he appears to be He s definitely a Svengali figure and will soon have the family under his spell, all except for Henry he isn t falling for David s charms, not one little bit A disturbing, chilling and complex narrative results in many mysteries, as the three narrators stories begin to thread together, bringing us ever closer to the main mystery that of what happened to the previous inhabitants of this Chelsea mansion Thank you to Netgalley and Random House UK Cornerstone for my ARC for which I have given an honest unbiased review in exchange 3 Stars.Creepy and Disturbing Par for the Course with Lisa Jewell, Right The Past Houseguests They are never pleasant Unless they are temporary For a family living in a mansion in Chelsea, a ringing of the doorbell signals a whole host of changes that influences their entire lives, forever Call it dark, eerie and downright strange.The Present On Libby Jones twenty fifth birthday, she inherits a house Not just any house, a mansion in Chelsea Though dilapidated and vacant, it is a total windfall for someone like Libby who has always lived paycheck to paycheck When she visits her new home she discovers something frightening and begins digging into its history What she finds is unlike anything she ever imagined.Lisa Jewell s The Family Upstairs is a novel told in different timelines, containing lots of characters to keep track of Once you get going, the storyline flows and you become enmeshed in the mystery of the mansion and the ominous feeling of the story While this wasn t my favorite of Ms Jewell s novels simply because I felt like it was lacking something, it was a super quick read, which I tore through in a just a few hours Another buddy read with Kaceey Thank you to NetGalley, Ariele Friedman at Atria and Lisa Jewell for an arc of this novel in exchange for an honest review Published on NetGalley and Goodreads on 6.10.19.Will be published on on 10.29.19. Lisa Jewell ventures into horror infested psychological thriller territory in this disturbing and unsettling novel 25 years ago in Chelsea, London, the police enter 16 Cheyne Walk, the mansion of the wealthy Lambs, the home of the famous Martina, wife, model and mother, with her young children, Henry and Lucy What they discover is the dead, decomposing bodies of the Lamb parents, and that of another mystery man, with a note that suggests a cult suicide, but strangely they find a 10 month old baby alive and well cared for, Serenity Lamb, who is later to be adopted There were rumours of other children residing at the place but no trace of them has ever been uncovered In the present, it is Libby Jones 25th birthday, her ordinary life of working in sales of designer kitchens, living under tight financial straits in her small flat, is to be rocked when out of the blue she learns she is the sole inheritor of a large Chelsea mansion, she has become an extremely rich young woman.When she visits the house with the solicitor, she finds it in a dilapidated condition with a creepy atmosphere as she learns of what happened there 25 years ago She becomes afraid when she hears the sounds of someone upstairs and leaves the place abruptly, determined to discover all she can about what happened there Libby is aided by her work colleague, Dido, and journalist, Miller Roe whose life was destroyed by his obsession with the story In the South of France in Nice, an impoverished single mother is living hand to mouth with her two children from different fathers, Marco and Stella She busks as a fiddle player, worn out by the life she lives, which includes periods of homelessness but she is now keen to take her family to London In the past, a young Henry with his strong sense of entitlement is to find his future and that of his family shockingly derailed when his mother invites a pop star, Birdie Dunlop Evers, and David Thomsen, with his family, wife, Sally, and their children, Clemency and Phin to live in their home temporarily, only for them to end up staying permanently Thomsen, the usurper, is authoritarian, cruel, and manipulative as he tightens his hold on the household as the lives of those who reside there descend into horror and a nightmarish hell.Jewell writes a gripping and compulsive novel in which a menacing insanity takes hold of the lives of the children in Cheyne Walk, culminating in their broken and traumatised, emotionally damaged psyches Libby is to find her life changed forever as she learns of the secret family histories of her newly inherited mansion This is the most twisted and darkest of books, as revelation after revelation unfolds, which makes for an uncomfortable but never less than a compelling reading experience Many thanks to Random House Cornerstone for an ARC. Well, it looks as though I may be in the minority on this one Libby is shocked after being notified she s just inherited a massive house One that comes with a mysterious and tragic history Libby was found abandoned as a baby in this home Having been adopted, Libby has since blossomed into a 25 year old, well adjusted, content young lady Anxious to keep her life moving along on the timetable she s set for herself Well, Miss Libbythis new inheritance thing may just change up your original life plan Maybe there s a great deal to discover here than just an old house.Told from several POV and timelines From the start I had difficulty keeping it all straight, never coming together as much as I hoped.I ve been reading all of Lisa Jewels books and always look forward to their release every year, but I have to say this might be my least favorite.But I m still a committed Lisa Jewell fan and anxiously await her next release A buddy read with Susanne Thank you to Ariele Friedman at Atria Books via NetGalley and Lisa Jewel for an ARC to read in exchange for an honest review. 3.5 STARS Lisa Jewell is one of my favorite authors I have read all of her thrillers and my expectations were so high for her newest possibly too high I love how she writes, builds tension, and weaves a story.Her books are so easy to read and fall into This one did seem a bit too long though and I was beginning to tire of the complex plot It focuses on a highly dysfunctional family and there are a lot of characters to sort out It took some time before I was able to make all the connections, but it played out nicely.The family runs a cult like home or rather mansion and what happens there comes into play later on.The two timelines past present will collide into a dark tale of this is what really happened There are surprising twists, but this one was missing the page turning magic that I loved in her previous novels It is still a solid and entertaining read.This one is out August 8, 2018 Admit it, we are all living our best life when Lisa Jewell publishes a new book If you want to see the gorgeous US cover reveal author interview The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell was one of my favorites so far this year I ve read several of her other books, and for me, this one is the best yet I devoured the book in two chunks, one larger read in the afternoon and the other shortly before bed I couldn t fall asleep for at least an hour as my mind continued to process everything that had happened in the complicated and messy in a good way tale.There are 3 main voices in the novel Lucy, a runaway homeless mother of two Henry, the son of a former rich couple who fell for a scam and Libby, a 25 year old girl who inherits a house from the biological parents who committed suicide nearly a year after she was born As the stories unravel, we begin to understand some of the connections between the three protagonists however, in true Jewell fashion, what you know is not quite what you know The lines are blurry, the connections are misleading, and the identities often change If you just look at the shell of this book, Libby is a sweet and wonderful girl in search of the truth, Henry is quirky and possibly a little crazy, and Lucy is either truly down on her luck or causes her own pain time and time again.That s only the beginning Lucy acts the way she does because of what happened to her as a child We don t know all the details, but it s easy to judge her in the beginning While I still think she should ve been partially punished for some of her actions, all in all, she definitely suffered than any human should Libby is 100% faultless and she s the kind of girl I d like to be friends with before or after the money, in case you were wondering Henry well that s complicated Sometimes, he seems very attractive Others, I think he might try to kill people because his brain is just a little different than the rest of ours Was he a victim of his circumstances Was he properly punished Do we truly know the whole story, or only the parts he wanted to share with us This was the kind of book that leaves you puzzled in a good way There is a lot left to a reader to decide Jewell has written a defined ending, and we know what happens to everyone, but there s some doubt as to which version of the truth we want to believe The relationships between Phineas, Lucy, Henry, Finn s sister, the various moms and dads living in their lives, and the people they meet along the way are dark and deceptive It s a perfectly complex family drama that really hit the sweet spot for me.Of course, there were a few areas I wasn t 100% thrilled with, e.g where did Julian go why did Henry Sr have so many strokes how did no one discover the murders going on I can suspend that bit of disbelief, but overall, it was inconsequential to the whole of the story for me The writing style and tone are superb, thus I can only trim away a partial star 4.5 from me and I ll definitely be reading of the author s novels in the future. You Thought They Were Just Staying For The Weekend They Looked Harmless Enough With Only Two Suitcases And A Cat In A Wicker Box But Soon Things Turn Very, Very Dark It Happens Slowly, Yet So Extraordinarily Quickly Now You And Your Sister Must Find A Way To Survive Eleven year old Henry Lamb and his younger sister live in a beautiful Chelsea mansion with their wealthy and glamorous parents His life is full of treats and outings and top private schools But one day his mother invites a young woman to stay for a few days and slowly things start to change until Henry s world is one he no longer recognises It will all end badly as the police discover when they break into the house to find three dead adults and a baby alone in her cot Older children were rumoured to have been in the house, but there is no sign of them and they were never found.This is domestic noir than a thriller but makes for suspenseful and compelling reading The novel is told from two main points of view One of these is a young woman called Libby, adopted as a baby, who discovers she has inherited a mansion in Chelsea on her twenty fifth birthday Henry s voice is used to relate what happened all those years ago in the past to turn his life into a nightmare.This is a dark and engrossing tale of madness and delusion where the tension ramps up to breaking point The pacing of the novel is good and there are surprises in store as the mystery of what happened in that house and to the children in the aftermath gradually unfurls 4.5 With thanks to Netgalley and Random House for an advanced copy of the book to read The Family Upstairs is a mesmerising,enthralling domestic drama thriller about brother and sister Henry and Lucy Lamb and how swiftly their young lived descended into a living nightmare after two strangers moved into the opulent home in Chelsea that Henry and Lucy shared with their socialite mother and father A nightmare that culminated with the death of three people and the discovery of a abandoned ten month old baby in the almost empty shell of a once loving family home.It s also the story of Libby Jones and journalist Miller Roe s investigation into the people who lived at 16 Cheyne Walk after Libby is shocked when she receives a letter informing her that she has inherited the house The story that they uncover is shocking,twisted and heart breaking and will change Libby s life forever.The chapters flip back and forth in time and are voiced by Libby,Lucy and Henry in the present day and Henry in the past The chapters covering Henry and Lucy s younger years were very dark at times and pulled at my heart strings than once as the story unfolded It was frighteningly scary how quickly their parents were coerced and manipulated by their sinister,twisted house guests The characters were well rounded,vivid and diverse,many of them were flawed,some were likeable but quite a number of them were not so likeable for various reasons.I love Lisa Jewell s books and The Family Upstairs is no exception It is exceedingly well written,her words flow with ease,drawing the reader into her enthralling story and holding you captive throughout Once I started this book,I honestly couldn t put it down,I was hooked in from the first page,totally captivated by the twists and turns as the story unfolded before my captivated eyes It also raises the moral question,are a person s actions excusable depending on the circumstances Very,very highly recommended by little old me.Many thanks to Penguin Random House UK Cornerstone for a arc of this book via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review

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