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Saving Dinner for the Holidays I picked this up thinking it was about menu planning to survive the holiday time Like from Thanksgiving through New Years.Instead it s menu s for most all major holidays Most big holidays I already have meals and recipes that have became traditional to my family I was looking for ideas for handling the weeks in between the winter holidays.Some lovely sounding recipes in the book Especially for leftovers But, it wasn t really what I was looking for Certainly it The Thanksgiving recipes are ones that I got online at FlyLady.net years ago and have used extensively Because of this I thought I would check out this book and see whatwas available with a thought of purchasing it However, the Thanksgiving recipe Ebook Saving Dinner For The Holidays Author Leanne Ely Reptileclassifieds.us Don T Just Celebrate Relax We All Know That Holidays Are Meant To Be Fun But For The Cook Planning The Feast, The Holidays Can Inspire Dread Feeding The Family On A Daily Basis Is Hard Enough Making The Meal Both Special And Delicious Can Raise The Bar Out Of Sight.In Saving Dinner For The Holidays Bona Fide Dinner Diva Leanne Ely Will Show You That Festive Meals Can Be As Easy And Relaxing As They Are Tasty She Plans The Menus, Provides Comprehensive, Itemized Shopping Lists That Are Organized By Supermarket Section, Includes Heirloom Recipes, And Even Includes The All Important Timeline So That Your Party Goes Off Without A Hitch She Also Gives You A Big Helping Hand In The Kitchen And Offers Tips On How To Make Your Table Sparkle With Warmth And Beauty.There S A Valentine S Day Chocolate Feast Not To Be Missed, A Mother S Day Dinner That Can Actually Be Prepared By Dad And The Kids, A Fourth Of July Picnic That Lights Up The Palate, And Many Other Red Letter Feasts There Are Even Recipes That Help Turn Leftovers Into Delectable Dishes.

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