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Switchers (Switchers, #1) As A Switcher, Tess Has The Ability To Become Any Number Of Animals And Learn The Secrets Of The Animal World Then She Meets Kevin, Another Switcher With A Very Different Life Than Hers Together, They Face A Mystery That Threatens To Bring About Disaster

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    I read the book Switchers by Kate Thompson for an honest review I wanted to give it 3 1 2 stars but the rating system didn t allow for that By Mousehead standards this book received 4 and 0.50 4 1 2 Just for the cover alone this book earned points It caught my

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    So funny how I got to reading this one The kids I went to the library to sign them up for the summer reading program to check out some books for them Asher went down the YA aisle came back carrying this book, saying, Book, Book I informed him that he was not quite ready

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    A short, quick, fun read probably aimed mostly at the younger end of YA and younger I d have adored this book as a kid, I think, but it was enjoyable enough, if very straightforward, even now I m glad I got the entire trilogy, as I ll be wanting to read on As an added bonus, afte

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    Amusing but this author needs to learn to keep track of time.

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    Switchers was a very interesting concept from the start the cover is unique and catches the eye The premise draws the reader in There were great points about this book, but it wasn t without its flaws So, though it was an original piece and the journey was interesting, I can t give itthan a 3.One of

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    Read when found at Stirabout BB, Rathdrum, Ireland.Really enjoy Kate Thompson s story telling and interweaving of fantasy mythic elements with the current world.

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    Shapeshifters in Ireland.

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    My name is Tess, and I have a secret not even my parents know A strange boy named Kevin shows up and threatens to tell them I have the ability to change into any kind of animal He s another switcher and says he needs my help to stop the snow and deep freeze that is creeping down from the Arctic A crazy woman named Lizzie says Kr

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    Wow I am seriously delighted and impressed with this book While it has some concepts in it that weren t exactly aligned with my own thought processes, and while it introduced some other concepts that were surprising, even when they made perfect sense once you had them introduced to you, it was a book that was overall wonderful with fantas

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    All children have the ability to switch, to change into whatever animal they imagine, but only a very few realize it Tess is one of those few, and when she meets up with another switcher, they set off on a quest to figure out why the world seems to be diving into another ice age.Sounds a little scattered, and it is It s a neat premise, but the two

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