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77 Download 77 By Guillermo Saccomanno Airdomains.co.uk Le Falcon Verdi Lasciavano Coaguli Sull Asfalto, La Traccia Degli Pneumatici Insanguinati Cercai Di Camminare Rasente Il Muro Non C Era Nessuna Porta Attraverso Cui Entrare Per Nascondermi I Palazzi Non Avevano Porte Solo Finestre Ma Iniziavano Appena All Altezza Del Secondo Piano.A Ogni Finestra Famiglie Intere Con Bandierine Biancoazzurre Applaudivano E Festeggiavano La Parata Silenziosa Delle Falcon Verdi.Nel Vento Si Udiva L Eco Di Una Marcia Ed Era La Marcha Peronista Mi Appoggiai A Un Muro Sentii Qualcosa Di Caldo E Appiccicoso Sui Palmi, Sulle Dita.Il Muro Grondava Sangue. This is the second novel by award winning Argentinian author, Guillermo Saccomanno, translated to English by Andrea G Labinger for Open Letter books and it is a good one The main story takes place in 1977 during the period called The Dirty War, that followed the military displacement of Isabel Peron From this period of Government sponsored terrorism, came the term, The Disappeared, referring to the estimates of 30,000 people arrested, kidnapped, and murdered by police death squads Saccomanno s narrator reflects back on this period when he was a teacher and tells the story not just from his perspective but also in subplots related by other characters who have engaged him The novel jumps around in time and from plotline to plotline as it is being narrated which produces a unsettled sense in the reader as Saccomanno builds an atmosphere of paranoia f The second novel from Saccomanno in English translation is a much tamer affair than the comic take on Dante s Inferno, the exuberant monster Gesell Dome A snapshot of the seventies inside the Argentine Videla regime, the terror tickled lead G mez relates tales of past acquaintances, among them two young revolutionaries, an OAP skirt chaser, a macho muchacho cop lover, and a neighbour into hair burning occult practices, while relating his own erotic adventures in the realm of nubile youths An inventive, pensive, and comic series of scenes and remembrances, the novel evokes the quotidian terror experienced when living under a Argentina nh ng n m 70 l n x n v y b t tr c, cu n s ch k v b c tranh x h i c a Argentina d i g c nh n c a m t gi o s ng t nh, y h n lo n, nh ng ng ph i tranh gi nh quy n l c, qu n i b t l c, ng i d n s ng trong s hoang mang, c r t th v v r t l , ta ch a bao gi c nh n Argentina d i g c nh n k l v y This is mostly harsh and relentless Saccomanno s prose is clean and quiet The novel does meander a bit in the second half the sequence with Gomez sheltering the dissidents seems to be a bit of a digression. Wow this novel, what a stunner Historical noir set mainly during the Dirty War in Argentina We follow Gomez, a gay former high school literature professor now in his 80 s as he recalls the events of the novel from 30 years earlier while he s in his 50 s Gomez serves as both protagonist of his own story and as a conduit for the stories of other victims of the terror of the Videla dictatorship that he meets and talks with Lots of sudden hops between stories and back and forth in time, but the book never feels hard to follow due to the vividness of the writing Lots of thrillingly Dav Books written to defy, to present various points of view, and above all to show us that we can and should raise voices against powers are books that I love to read It makes me feel stronger, it makes me want to protest, and than anything else it makes me feel that I have companions and not alone in the world when it comes to issues close to my heart 77 is one such book that held me by my throat and being and I just had to finish it in almost three sittings or so The book still lingers in my memory, and I know that it will for a long time to come So, what is the book about The book is set in Buenos Aires, 1977 A time that is considered to be a part of the darkest days of the Videla dictatorship, from the time he seized power in 1976 At the heart of the book is G mez, a gay high school literature teacher, trying very hard to keep a low profile as his friends and students begin to disappear This is the time when questioning is forbidden, and people aren t allowed to live the way they wish to Things also start spiralling when he gives shelter to two dissidents in his house, and to make things worst he is having an affair with a homophobic cop who is loyal to the government and no one else The book is told in flashbacks from 2007 to 1977 jumping back and forth I was stunned reading this novel I didn t know what to feel fo Though written in 2008 this has only just been published in English This is Buenos Aires in 1977 under the Videla regime Green Ford Falcons hover ominously on every street corner, and police beat or imprison people for no apparent reason, and yet the residents of Buenos Aires try to go about their normal business But looking the other way eventually becomes an untenable proposition for the protagonist, secondary school teacher, G mez A student gets taken by gunpoint from his class, and he finds himself involved with a homophobic cop Before long two young dissidents show up seeking refuge at his apartment, and he It s after 1 a.m., I m tired, and so my words will have to wait except for this one of the best books I ve read this year.More to come. This was something very different to what I normally read, though the I reflect on it the the way that terror and paranoia are written reminds me so much of what Australian author Anna Funder does in STASILAND There s something compelling and disturbing about reading such candid accounts from characters that are simply struggling to exist.Argentina under the political dictatorship, the disappearances, the shadow of fear that people lived under and distr

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