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The Complete Yara Silva Trilogy Reading The Complete Yara Silva Trilogy Author Lani Woodland Sioril.co.uk This Boxed Set Contains All Three Books In The Yara Silva Trilogy, Including Intrinsical, Indelible And Inevitable Intrinsical The Gene That Allows The Women In Yara S Family To See And Communicate With Spirits Seems To Have Passed Her Over Until The Night She Rescues A Local Hottie From An Attacking Ghost Her Act Of Heroism Attracts The Attention Of The Evil Spirit, And She Finds Herself Entrenched In The Middle Of A Sixty Year Old Curse That Haunts The School, Threatening Her Own Life As Well As That Of Her Friends Indelible As Yara S Waker Abilities Grow, She Discovers That Other Dark Secrets Exist In Her School S Past While An Angry Ghost Makes Yara Question Everything She Thought She Knew About Spirits, She And Brent Learn That There Are Long Reaching Consequences To Last Year S Adventures As New Enemies Emerge And Old Ghosts Resurface, Yara Finds Herself In The Center Of Another Deadly Mystery, And This Time She Has To Contend With The Living As Well As The Dead Inevitable Yara S Powers Have Grown But An Old Enemy Has Become Even Stronger Yara S Only Hope Is To Put Her Trust In Some Unexpected Allies And Fully Embrace Her Waker Heritage If She Fails, Not Only Could Someone She Loves Die, But The Power Of The Wakers Could Disappear Forever.

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