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The PLayboy Sheikh The PLayboy Sheikh Books Author Dorothy Fortune Jobs In Kingston.co.uk Sheikh Jessel Armin Bin Al Bukea Needs An Heir, And He Has His Sights Set On Daiserlie Thorpe Daisy To Her Friends , A Young, Na Ve English Girl, And Yes, She Would Be Perfect He Could Continue With His Current Lifestyle, Uncluttered By Emotions That Had Died With His Beautiful Young Wife The Only Flaw In His Plan Is That He Has Neglected To Tell Daisy It Is A Marriage Of Convenience As She Falls In Love With Her Sheikh, Only To Find Out His Heart Is With Another

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    I enjoyed this because it was so freaking entertaining in it s outrageous OTT crazy And some of the lines were just unintentionally hilarious For example, the first time she sees the hero naked she saw a man s penis for the first time It was bobbing about as if on a piece of elastic.

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    3 all for the heroine starsSo, I adored the heroine She was strong and was not afraid to put the Hero in his place regardless of his stature Plus she didn t rush into a relationship with the Hero and it wasn t insta love However, I m confused as to why she actually accepted his proposal when just th

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    The supposed hero is a big son of a bitch He s just emotionally and physically destroys our heroine.He still loves his wife dead.He breaks all promises that he does for her.He keeps lovers and while he s having fun with them forget completely of our heroine.It just keeps letting her disappointed and neglected

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    Ok I am trying to wrap my mind around the way the H was throughout about 90% of this book He lied, cheated on the h many many times, bullied her into something she did not want and practically raped her on her wedding night only to call out the name of his first wife This guy was horrible I need boogie s skillet for th

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    Jessel the selfish dick and Daisy his neglected wife.I just didn t feel the love The story felt uneven and kinda of nonsensical at times.So Jessel is one of those H s who has loved and lost and it turned him into an egotistical self centered ass Basically, he s a user And he uses Daisy She is pretty young, just 20 and falls head

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    This was one book that I really loved to hate the H in Jessel pursued Daisy for marriage Not because he loved her No he wanted a biddable wife so that he could continue with his other woman He needed an heir but not the commitment of a wife But Daisy was just what the sheikh ordered But she was not what she seemed She understood and spoke

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