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Love from Both Sides: A True Story of Soul Survival and Sacred Sexuality In This Memoir, Memorial, And Celebration, Stephanie Riseley Shares The Deeply Emotional And Powerfully Physical Story Of The Continued Relationship Between Her And Her Husband Dan After His Sudden Death Exploring The Ways In Which Love And Forgiveness Can Transcend The Boundaries Of Life And Death, The Book Intends To Change Perceptions Of The Emotional And Spiritual Relationships Two People Can Share Problematic Marriages And Challenging Relationships Will Take On Positive New Dimensions This was a very disappointing book, and it certainly had little or nothing to do with sacred sexuality I am willing to take the author at her word, that she did experience these events, but her interpretation of them as reconciliation and healing do not match what I read Her husband, who was selfish, insecure, and self centered in life, remained so after death Even when he was explicitly told that his visits hurt her, he continued to show up, clinging to someone he knew would welcome him Stephanie, also advised to not spend time with him because of the damage it did to her, continued to allow him to visit They did manage to clear up some of the issues of their life together, which was good, but I didn t see that their relationship became any healthier for either of them If anything, this is a textbook example of the saying that just because someone is dead doesn t make them wise or benevolent.I am glad that she had these experiences, but the story is often painful to read, and should have been marketed with a different slant.

About the Author: Stephanie Riseley

Stephanie Riseley trained with Brian Weiss, MD, and does Past Life Regressions She is a Certified Hypnotherapist and life coach and lives in Los Angeles She holds an undergraduate degree from UC Bekerley, and a Masters degree from UCLA.

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