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Attic captures the thought patterns of an insane person putting this book down felt a little like coming up for air. In a mind in a prison, in an attic in an attic the author s mind s eye autobiographical experiences from her stay on the thirteenth floor of the Jackson County Jail.When meta reviewing the thoughts of other critics on Attic, it becomes apparent that what most readers found noteworthy was its style than its story, and this is also what seems to be the greatest obstacle of the book This relates to the fact that this story is autobiographical Dunn is herself the protagonist and it is through her mind s eye that we get to experience a reproduction of what she experienced Note that word reproduction, because it wasn t until after she had been released from the jail that she wrote down what had happened and the story bears the mark of being memories as opposed to being current observations In other words, the limitations found in the text is not just due to the viewpoint being at her mind s eye by which I mean the stream of mental information which passes through the consciousness, the This was the most atrocious book I have ever read It really didn t even deserve an entire star and barely half of one I am one of those people who needs a plot, a coherent plot I m not even sure if this was written in an abstract manner The synopsis explains this is an autobiographical account of Dunn when she was arrested for writing bad checks and her personal experiences that foll I LOVED Geek Love and was excited to read this but couldn t even get through it And it is a short book It was poorly written and impossible to follow Although I will say the scene with the marry go round of horses with penises that fuck the children, well, that stuck with me. Well this book earns a spot on the most fucked up books I ve ever read list a kind of Acker Lunch Piercy s woman on the edge of time mash up of holy hell Abstract text that brushes up against realism in the hardest of ways, I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Geek Love All the steel is painted at the advice of some penologist with a psychology degree A cool pink A deceptive pink, to make us think we are remembering the hot pinks and livid reds of the outside while chilling even those memories, embalming theming s body in the deactivated fluids of the past. This book is not like anything I ve ever read before If a defined plot is a must for you, you will hate this book If riding along on a stream of consciousness is just good enough, then there is a lot to love From a writing standpoint, it s incredible that Dunn was able to set the conventions of writing structure aside to write this book There were chunks in this novel that totally lost me this narrator is far from reliable and she weaves in and out of her time in prison to her childhood to her job selling magazine subscriptions with no warning or set up It was also often hard to place who the character was with who was real in the prison and who was Katherine Dunn s masterpiece, a literary exorcism as painful and beautiful as a Gillian Welch song. Have you ever had the radio or TV on in the background and it s some sort of talk program and you realize people are speaking, but it s like the noise is just going straight through you with almost no comprehension of what s being said Well, that s close to what reading this was like There were whole swaths where my eyes traveled over the letters and my brain whispered the words in my head and there was no connection whatsoever I had to look up online what this book was about some of it I actually did have right in my head, some of it I missed or misread entirely It s a very stream of consciousness book about a young woman who gets arrested for check fraud and prostitution Then the rest of the novel is about her life in prison with flashbacks to earlier times I think that s what they were She has an aversion to using the toilet in front of other inmates, has some interesting KINDLE Attic Author Katherine Dunn Jwdfitness.co.uk Here Is The Slim, Stunning Debut Novel From The Acclaimed Author Of Geek Love Attic Follows A Young Woman Named Kay Who Has Joined A Cult Like Organization That Sells Magazine Subscriptions In Small Towns When Kay Tries To Cash A Customer S Bad Check, She Lands In Jail, And Dunn S Visceral Prose Gives Us A Vivid, Stream Of Consciousness Depiction Of The Space In Which She S Held As Kay Comes To Know The Other Inmates, Alliances And Rivalries Are Formed, Memories Are Recounted, And Lives Are Changed Based On Katherine Dunn S Own Formative Coming Of Age Experiences, Attic Was Critically Lauded When It Was First Published In 1970 Now, It Stands As An Extraordinary, Indelible Work From One Of Our Most Celebrated Writers.

About the Author: Katherine Dunn

Katherine Dunn was a novelist and boxing journalist who lived and worked in Oregon She is the author of three novels Attic Truck and Geek Love, which was a finalist for both the National Book Award and the Bram Stoker Prize as well as the essay collection One Ring Circus She died in 2016.

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