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Ordeal by Fire:Witnesses to the Great War Adapted From Voices And Images Of The Great War, First Published By Michael Joseph In

About the Author: Lyn Macdonald

Over the past twenty years Lyn Macdonald has established a popular reputation as an author and historian of the First World War Her books are They Called It Passchendaele, an account of the Passchendaele campaign in 1917 The Roses of No Man s Land,, a chronicle of the war from the neglected viewpoint of the casualties and the medical teams who struggled to save them , Somme, a history of the legendary and horrifying battle that has haunted the minds of succeeding generations 1914, a vivid account of the first months of the war and winner of the 1987 Yorkshire Post Book of the Year Award 1914 1918 Voices and Images of the Great War, an illuminating account of the many different aspects of the war and 1915 The Death of Innocence, a brilliant evocation of the year that saw the terrible losses of Aubers Ridge, Loos, Neuve Chapelle, Ypres and Gallipoli.Lyn MacDonald lives near Cambridge, England She was a BBC Radio presenter until 1973.

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    This book is a collection of letters from service members, mostly from the trenches that covers the great part of the war mostly in Europe If has some German entries translated into English and some Americans towards the end but the vast majority are British service members I usually don t enjoy these sorts of collections because there is no real flow, just fragments of people s

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    This book is made of correspondence during The Great War World War I , mostly from soldiers and other military recounting their experience majority at the Western front France Some letters are boring but some are really great and have a eye witness account and detail life in the trenches, camp, conscription, etc It is also noticeable that it is a British perspective, in that 99% of the

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