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Off Balance An Unflinchingly Honest Memoir From Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Moceanu That Reveals The Often Dark Underbelly Of Olympic Gymnastics As Only An Insider Can And The Secrets She Learned About The Past That Nearly Tore Apart Her Family.At Fourteen Years Old, Dominique Moceanu Was The Youngest Member Of The 1996 U.S Women S Olympic Gymnastic Team, The First And Only American Women S Team To Take Gold At The Olympics Her Pixie Like Appearance, Passion For The Sport, And Ferocious Competitive Drive Quickly Earned Her The Status Of Media Darling But Behind The Fame, The Flawless Floor Routines, And The Million Dollar Smile, Her Life Was A Series Of Challenges And Hardships From Her Stubborn Father And Long Suffering Mother, To Her Notorious Coach, Bela Karolyi, Off Balance Reveals How Each Of The Dominating Characters Contributed To Moceanu S Rise To The Top Here, Moceanu Finally Shares The Haunting Stories Of Competition, Her Years Of Hiding Injuries And Pain Out Of Fear Of Retribution From Her Coaches, And How She Hit Rock Bottom After Being Publicly Scorned By Her Father But Medals, Murder Plots, Drugs, And Daring Escapes Aside All Of Which Figure Into Moceanu S Incredible Journey , The Most Unique Aspect Of Her Life Is The Family Secret That Moceanu Discovers, Opening A New And Unexpected Chapter In Her Adult Life, Just As She Reclaims The Love Of The Sport That Had Defined So Much Of Her Life A Multilayered Memoir That Transcends The World Of Gymnastics And Sport, Off Balance Will Touch Anyone Who Has Ever Dared To Dream Of A Better Life.

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    I first encountered Dominique Moceanu the same way everyone else did on TV when she was a bright eyed 14 year old at the 1996 Atlanta Games I still remember the little tumbler with an eerie resemblance to Nadia, talking all about how in this moment her life was absolutely perfect That struck me so much that now, 16 years later, I still remember my first thoughts at hearing those words I thought, We

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    Off Balance, by Dominique Moceanu, seemed a bitoff balance It goes back and forth between the story of Moceanu discovering the existence of, and later, meeting, the sister her parents gave up for adoption because she was born without legs, and the inside story of Dominique s gymnastic career That structure left me feeling off balance I found myself wishing fordetail and resolution of the many threads that wo

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    This book has gotten some negative press recently due to the fact that Ms Moceanu bad mouthed her former coaches This is not what the book is primarily about It is her memoir It shows you a window into her life through her eyes She discovered a sister she never had, and while this seems to be the primary focus she does give you a glimpse into her world Her trials and tribulations and she appears to be very honest, alt

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    Yes, truth is often much stranger than fiction Dominique Moceanu wins gold at the 1996 Olympics after years of intense training at the hands of the same pair who coached Nadia Comaneci to her perfect scores Most of the book describes the mind games that go on as the coaches force Dominique to push herself beyond the point of pain.Every few chapters, theinteresting story for me is told about how Dominique discovers as an adult,

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    This was one of the better celebrity memoirs I ve read though I d argue Moceanu s less a celebrity and just a well known athlete, at least among people in my generation Aside from dishing out a lot of personal stuff, Moceanu gives an inside look at the politics of USA Gymnastics I d had an idea about some of them, but she goes at it full force in the last couple of chapters, discussing how it s terrible that the entire sport rests upon t

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    Dominique Moceanu is like the Real Housewives of the gymnastics world There s always been some drama around her and I m never sure if she deserves half the negative publicity that comes with it.That said, I was curious and found it interesting PROS My experience in the sport and attenuated connections with the elite athletes gives me an only slightly filtered idea of what really goes ...

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    Over the summer, my best friend s boyfriend called me and said, Katiedo you know who Dominique Moceanu is Being an avid Olympics fan, I of course knew of her as the little brunette gymnast that was one fraction of the Magnificent Seven from the 96 Atlanta games that brought home all around women s gold for the first time to America What I didn t know was how insane the rest of her life was As soon as finding out about the extreme situations in her life, I g

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    Ultimately it was my happy memories of Atlanta s Magnificent Seven from 1996 that led me to this book, and while the truths I read flipped some of those memories upside down I was still captivated by the book Though her style was a little bit disjointed, the storytelling overall was well done She paints a very rough picture of the Karolyis, who coach their American gymnast as though they were career athletes of...

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    Dominique Moceanu has been an idol of mine when I first saw her beat another idol, Shannon Miller, in 1995 at the age of 13 I was 8 Being a fellow gymnast, though I was never an Elite, I can relate to a lot of her struggles in our sport, one that is, at times, physically, mentally, and emotionally grueling I always looked up to Dominique and envied what seemed like her perfect relationship with her coaches, Bela and Marta When I first started out she was rising to fame, I coul

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    I saw Dominique Moceanu interviewed on The Road to London on Universal Sports They mentioned her book, Off Balance This is my favorite thing about my kindle, no hour long trips to the book store one way, I immediately purchased it and devoured it.Gymnastics is my favorite summer Olympic sport And I have to admit, I wanted the dirt on Bela and Marta Korolyi And I got it Moceanu certainly had difficulty in her life And she lays it out without whining or justifications or sympathy seeki I

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