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My Brother's Famous Bottom Gets Pinched Nicholas S Baby Brother, Cheese, Is Famous Well, His Bottom Is, Because He Advertises Dumper Disposable Nappies Now The Whole Family Is Being Whisked Off On A Nationwide Tour Starring CheeseLittle Do They Know The Chaos Waiting For Them, Including Giant Babies And Goats On Motorbikes Rowan Clifford S Black And White Illustrations Add To The Comic Mayhem In This Sparkling New Story

10 thoughts on “My Brother's Famous Bottom Gets Pinched

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    The title is very deceiving, a nice play on words In fact, the book is filled with such word play that can be really funny for young readers The characters are well built, there is a pinch of environmentalism in there and lot s of good natured banter

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    I like this book because it s about a boy that has a brother called cheese and a Sister called tomato There called these names because they came from the back of a pizza delivery van and there s a uncle called big dumper So I am going to tell you a little bit

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    Pinch this book, because it looks so interesting EDIT By pinch, I do not mean steal If you re thinking steal, then do NOT pinch this book Buy it You won t regret it Can t wait to read it

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    i think good

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    Very enjoyable My class appreciated the subtle nuances of Poo pants The dad was my fave character very funny

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    Funny but not as good as My Brother s Famous Bottom Goes Camping Funny but not as good as My Brother s Famous Bottom Goes Camping

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    One of a very funny series of books for 6 10 year olds.

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    A very funny and interesting book for young kids.

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    It was really funny but the title nearly didn t match to the story.

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