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Last Stand at Papago Wells It Was The Only Water For Miles In A Vast, Sun Blasted Desert Where Water Meant Survival So Logan Cates Naturally Headed For Papago Wells But He Wasn T The Only One Fleeing The Fierce Churupati And His Apache Warriors, Other Travelers Had Come There Too And When The Apaches Found Them, They Began A Siege As Relentless And Unforgiving As The Barren Land And Just As Inescapable.The Last Thing Cates Wanted Was To Be Responsible For The Lives Of Thirteen Desperate Strangers And A Shipment Of Gold But He Knew That If They Were To Survive, He Was Their Last Chance He Also Knew That Some In The Party Were Willing To Die Or Kill To Get Their Hands On The Money If He Couldn T Get Them To Work Together, It Wouldn T Be The Desert Or Even The Apaches That Would Do Them In It Would Be The Greed Of The Very People He Was Trying To Save. One of the best Louis L Amours that I ve read in a long time He may be old school but this is fiction that s easy to read, doesn t cause nightmares, and will make you grateful for this country we live in. Loved revisiting this classic western I liked the idea of several parties riding out and running into their own troubles before running into each other in the desert At that point it becomes a matter of searching for water in the desert and staying away from the Indians, and at times, each other.What I didn t like was that this book is 136 pages but I felt it could have been 75 and told the story just as well For me, I just had trouble keeping track of some of the characters Maybe if I read the book over a day or two that wouldn t be a problem, but I stretched this one over a couple weeks I felt the main characters were pretty wooden, or cookie cutter, and the love interest angle wasn t that convincing.It s a simple stand alone western and it gets the job done, which I believe is m L Amour always writes a good western The collection of people coming together at Papago Wells allowed readers to see how L Amour let s each one s backstory foreshadow how they d react when pushed hard between the Indians and the lack of food they re pushed hard.

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